Roberto Conte Rosito

Hi there, I’m Roberto! 👋


I’ve been a Software Engineer, a Software Architect, a Software Developer, a Software Development Manager, a Principle Engineer, on and on. For a long time, it bugged me, and I was very confused about my real position in this world!

What I did was what I was. I’ve loved designing and coding software since I got my first access to a machine compiler; loved it on my Olivetti 386 using Visual Basic, learning thewonders of modules and first pseudo OOP vbs classes; loved in through the Shareware Years of DOS; and still I love it today with .net and any technology that falls into my hands (java, php etc.).

But recently I’ve come to use a better term for what I do: Software Artisan.

An artisan is a craftsman who makes things by hand, and I really love it!

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